If you don't want to use our online tool, just send your deisgn to us by email.

If you want to see your own logo on your own scarf or hat and don't want to use our online drawing tool, then you can send your designs at info@scarfmaker.com

Files should be made in *.bmp or *.tiff format and have only 2 indexed colors.

How to make a Scarf?

File size should be 1160 x 180 pixels (or 180 x 1160 pix) if you want scarf in size aprox 27 x 165 cm (10.62 x 64.96 inches).

And if you send file 1311 x 124 pixels (or 124x 1311 pix), then you can get scarf with size  aprox. 17 x 180 cm (6.69 x 70.86 inches ).

scarf pattern sample


How to make a Hat?

If you want to be fully equiped, make your own custom beanie also. Use the same color as on the scarf, or choose a new one.

Don't want to draw online- send us your pattern and we will do the rest. Please note, that there are some rules, we want you to follow:

  • Pattern for the hat should be in size 100 x 100 pixels.

  • In programming beanie , we place file with your design right in the center of the hat (NOT AT THE LEFT OR RIGHT SIDE).

  • And again: File should have only 2 colors


And yes, we can make embroidery!

For orders more than 10 pcs we also offer embroidery service. If you want embroidery, just send your design to us and we review it, if it is suitable for programming.

Please note, that price for embroidery depends also on size of the embroidery and number of colors used.

We quote embroidery price for each order individually.

Please send all your inquries to info@scarfmaker.com


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